Ecuador Tour How Will you Choose

Tours in Ecuador are not hard to find.  But, there are some things to keep in mind when looking for a tour and a guide.  First, the guide.  Next, the location.  Last, the cost.  When these three things are considered, you increase your chances of having and amazing tour while you are in Ecuador.

First, your Ecuador Tour Guide:

There are many guides to show you around the best places in Ecuador.  One thing to consider about your guide is his/her experience.  Is he or she experienced with the area?  Does he/she have intimate knowledge of the area or learned from books?  Does the guide speak English?  You want an experienced guide who knows the area well and can keep you safe and ensure you have a good time all at the same time.  Indigenous guides are especially valuable because they have the intimate knowledge that it takes to teach you in a friendly way and ensure you get accurate knowledge.  If you don’t know enough Spanish, it would also be good to ensure you have a guide who speaks English.

Second, the location of your Ecuador tour:

There is no shortage of places to tour in Ecuador, in fact, the possibilities are literally endless.  So, you should decide if you want the coast, the sierra, or the orient (jungle), and then search for the right tour for you.  On the coast, the climate will be hot and humid with beautiful beaches.  In the Sierra (Mountains) the climate will be a little cooler but still about 73 degrees every day and will have less rain.  The sierra also offers a plethora of indigenous arts and crafts, volcanos, and much more.  The Orient will be rainy, hot, and humid, BUT it will also have some of the coolest living things you have ever seen.  So once you decide the location you will be a little closer to going on the perfect Ecuador tour.

Third, the cost of your Ecuador tour:

Costs will vary greatly for your tour based on many factors.  Will your tour include food?  Will it include admission to parks or other sites?  Does it come with safe drinking water and transportation?  All of these will be important factors in the cost of your tour.  One thing to keep in mind is that the cost of the tour does not always indicate its true value.  Some tours are over priced in Ecuador and there are some that are definitely better than others.  The best thing to do is look at the companies website and read testimonials from other visitors.

So when you consider these three things, you are more likely to have a very good tour experience in Ecuador.  Please enjoy some of the photos below from a tour with Luis.

One of the birds of Ecuador